[BEAST] Gory Orc Sion v1.0

[BEAST] Gory Orc Sion v1.0

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I always felt that Sion is a real barbarian (well, he does have a skin) and I felt the need to transform him into an Orc Grunt.

Particles are now yellow/orange, enrage is now glowing and each few attacks with it will result in showing a small particle of Death's Carress (the circle thingy)
Skin is now green
Added fangs
The Orc Crest is now added to his belt and axe
He now has a broken-edge axe, with cracks on the steel.
Fur color is changed a little
Blood over body and outfit

Sometimes when Sion walks, he has a tiny part of his outfit removed and his leg is revealed (tiny bug, unnoticed)
When he stops moving after walking, from a specific angle, you can see his axe in the air (tiny bug, unnoticed)

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