[Moo] Ancient Demon Galio v1.2

[Moo] Ancient Demon Galio v1.2

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I hope to encourage people to use Galio more often, he's the most underused Tank I can think of. It might also be true to you guys as well. I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with the custom particles, any tips/links would help a lot.

Well this is my 1st reskin, it's somewhat simple but I worked for 2 hours trying to get the eyes right, hope you guys like it.
I usually do things when I'm bored or have nothing to do, my ADHD keeps me busy.

--I'm planning to work continuously on this project so keep I'll keep you guys up to date.--
Kind of busy working on Finals and graduation is right around the corner

Any Criticism or Tips will be welcomed (Constructive Criticism)


-----When Downloading, remove the v1.1_ and v1.2_ before installing, I'll add folders later-----

V1.1 Added more vivid colors, enjoy
V1.2 Changed the brightness of v1.1 to a darker one. Still including v1.1 in the download.

Tell me if you want more skins!

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