Frozen Samurai Akali

Frozen Samurai Akali

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Frrozen Samurai Akali

This pack will transform your normal Akali to Frozen Samurai Akali.
It looks very nice with Frozen Shen combo.

I only have edited the skin,icons and skills textures of the orignal Samurai Akali and made her to Frozen Samurai Akali.

I added some extra skill textures.

The difference with the original Samurai Akali is on the skin,icons and skills textures.

Frozen Samurai Akali has different color on blades(frozen one), blue eyes, blue colored icons and some changed textures on skills.
First of all credits to Chiz and Vampyroteuthis.

Chiz made the texture from scratch, as well as the new animations and icons, and Vampyroteuthis put the model together, rigged it, and imported it.

I have permission from Chiz to upload this skin with his model and the work he done with Vampyroteuthis.

Art work is REMOVED from this pack because i do not have permission to use it for my skin.


Original Link/Skin by Chiz and Vampyroteuthis:

Please read the included README file for installation/uninstallation instructions.

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