Kass'adar the Worldwalker (by ChiZ and me)

Kass'adar the Worldwalker (by ChiZ and me)

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*READ AT LEAST THE CAPS STUFF; you'd miss out if you don't. There's even a video.*
(Lower half, where the arrows are. READ IT PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!)

En taro Adun, Leaguecrafters.

>>>>>>>>>>THE incredible TEXTURE for each version was done by CHIZ, as well as the LOADINGSCREENS, AIR SCREENS, PRESENTATION SHOT, the PARTICLES and the SPELLICONS.
> http://leaguecraft.com/users/ChiZ/skins <
Just take a couple of minutes to simply admire it, it's well worth it!
Thanks to ChiZ this skin comes with ADDITIONAL COLORING for all of Kassadin's main Skins (bare the Festival.)
Basic Kass'adar comes in dark blue and shadow armor, featuring green gems and voidblade. Deep Kass'adar has a polished shine and deep purple cloth with teal jewelry and matching blade. Pre-Void Kass'adar (or pre-Nerazim?) still features the golden armor and a royal blue with matching blade and gems.

>>>>>>>>>>NOW here's the LINK to Kass'adar's RENDERED INTRODUCTION VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/18181689

Not perfect;
Sorry and enjoy.

Release Thread: http://forum.leaguecraft.com/showthread.php?tid=23531

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