Katarina: Felicia(Capcom's Darkstalkers) Cosplay

Katarina: Felicia(Capcom's Darkstalkers) Cosplay

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Hurrah for my First skin! Anyways, with the release of Kitty Kat Katarina I thought for sure one of the more experienced skinners would've made a Felicia(Capcom's Darkstalkers) Katarina. But alas they did not, so I felt obligated to do so myself.

Keep in mind I have very little skill in this field, as a result some discrepancies appeared. Mainly a few black lines show up once in a while, remnants of making her gear invisible. If anyone has a way to get rid of them I'd love to know how.

This pack includes Felicia skin for katarina's default costume, and a loading screen. All other icons and images were forwent due to the messy uninstalls and all the file backing up one must do for them.

Loading Screen Art by Warren Louw. Check out his art at his DevArt page, http://warrenlouw.deviantart.com/gallery/

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