Barbaric Highlander

Barbaric Highlander

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Ok, this is my first League of legends skin, so any feed back or criticism is very much welocme, will help me to learn how to improve.

I made my first skin for one of my 3 favorite heros, picked Tryndamere since he only gets 1 alternate skin and I'm not too keen on it, he seems too clothed and not barbaric enough. I always see barbarians as not wearing much, muscular tattooed and scary. I was intending to put more tattoos on him, but I couldn't get it to work. Guess I can only hope for an official skin of Tryndamere showing off his tattooed muscles.

This is a reskin of the Highlander skin and replaces that one, so you can keep the default and have this as your custom. rename it to "" and put it where it needs to go.

Hope someone enjoys it!

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Submitted by Julian_Kanzuki

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